Latest update on the renovations

The renovation project for the new house is absolutely cranking along! Thanks to Mario and his family, things are moving pretty quickly, and it’s starting to look a lot better.

Completed since the last update:

  • The floor tiles were removed by some tradies (screw doing that ourselves)
  • Patched all of the walls ready for painting
  • Removed all the old lighting
  • Patched the old ceiling holes and cut out new ones
  • Inserted the new lights
  • Painted the ceiling
  • Begun painting the rest of the house
  • Got quotes for new carpet
  • Trees from the outside were cut down
  • Removed all the rubbish from the lawn work
  • Built a new extension to the wall in the main living area

Room preparation

I actually know zero about painting and pre work. When I was younger, my ex and I tried to paint a room and the work we did was beyond terrible. It was back in the day where a feature wall was all the rage, especially in the blue colour we’d selected. My “favourite” feature (note the sarcasm) was the particularly crooked wall where the blue met the cream. It looked terrible[...]  read more

Queen of my own new castle

We bought a house!!

And when we bought it, I hadn’t even seen it! But I’ll explain that shortly.

We knew we wanted to start looking after we got married last year, so we started hunting around once we got back from our honeymoon. I haven’t ever bought a property before (where we live right now Mario bought when he was in his mid-20’s), so this was all new to me. I’m a housemate by trade. So when we decided we wanted to start looking around, I hit the websites surfing around, and was quickly swept up in some dream houses before realising there’s such a thing called budget.  [...]  read more