52 in 52: weekly round up week 1

Jigsaw puzzle


First Sunday of 2015, and time for my first update on my 52 in 52 list. The plan is that every Sunday I will write an update on what has been newly completed, and what’s under way. This will hopefully keep me on track for a 100% succession rate!


None (yet)


Do a jigsaw puzzle

While I was cleaning today, I found a jigsaw puzzle at Mario’s place, a perfect opportunity to put together a jigsaw puzzle without having to output any dollars to buy one! It had never been opened before, so with his permission, we cracked open the box and dumped the pieces on the floor.

I should have paid more attention, because this puzzle is hard.

It’s a combination of the popular Top Gear character, the Stig, and a Where’s Wally puzzle (see a copy of the puzzle online here). On top of that, there’s 1000 pieces, and is 79cm x 49cm. I had first started putting it together on the back of a mirror, but then realised it was too big, so I’ve begun putting it together on the floor. I know that it’s going to bug me being in the middle of everything and thus I hope to get through this quickly, although in saying that, I’ve spent about 2 hours on it so far, and I’ve only just put the outside together.

This is going to take a while.

Stick to the autoimmune protocol diet for 30 days

I started the first day today. There’s going to be a more substantial post on this one separately as I’d like to go into more detail on what it’s about and why I’m doing it.

The first day has been hard, really hard. I’m going through sugar and caffeine withdrawals, so today was full of fatigue, headaches, and extreme moodiness. Thank god I’m dating someone with the patience of a saint, he deserves something special after putting up with me today. Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully the pain passes quickly.

Do a monthly budget on the first of every month

My first budget has been done on time, and man what an eye opener! It always makes me realise just how little I should be spending in order to meet my financial goals this year (which are pretty aggressive). I’ve already had to jig it a little bit due to the grocery shop being more expensive this week (part of the autoimmune protocol – I’m buying lots of food that we didn’t previously have in stock), and to account for the extra money I had spent on our visits into town when camping up at Stradbroke Island.

The budget app I had on my iphone also crashed 2 days after I had put in my budget, which meant I had to completely redo it – very frustrating. I’ve downloaded a new budget app that synchronises between desktop, iphone and iPad (You Need a Budget), and will see how that goes. Not only is the software going to be new to me, but budgeting is as well – it’s going to be a big learning curve for me to ensure I stay on budget. Fingers crossed!


So one week down with 2 on-going ones under way, and hopefully one completed this week. Not bad progress so far!

Let me know your thoughts!