52 in 52: Weekly round up week 5

52 things in 52 weeks

A bit late this week, but it’s in nonetheless!

Newly completed

  • Get a massage (ouch – check out the post here)
I think as compensation I should organise myself a relaxing massage for later in the year too!
  • Photograph a sunrise (January edition)

I laid out on my hammock on the last day of the month and watched the sunrise, it was beautiful. So I took two photos.

Aim to complete this week

  • I have completed the autoimmune protocol, so I just need to blog about that one before I consider it complete
  • Sign up for the 12 week challenge at the gym

This has already been completed, as I’ve already signed up. But this week we have our first session (preseason?) so I wanted to wait until it’s clear I’m in there. I’m aiming to be very competitive with this 12 week challenge, and writing weekly about that will help to keep my motivation up. Anyone who is skeptical about these programs can just park that for the moment, and wait to see if the results (long term results) speak for themselves. [...]  read more

Dreaming of owning a house? Dream on!

I'm having a bit of a moment of extreme disappointment right now, completely unrelated to Chet Faker being announced as the winner of the Hottest 100 (I don't mind this song so I'm happy for him but I prefer Peking Duk).

This whole year is about getting out of debt so that I can look at buying a house next year with Mario. All things going well with credit cards paid off and no dramatic changes to my budget, it should be achievable to be out of debt. Then the savings begin to try and get a deposit together. But still, the disappointment doesn't stem from that. [...]  read more

52 in 52: weekly round up week 1

52 things in 52 weeks
Jigsaw puzzle

First Sunday of 2015, and time for my first update on my 52 in 52 list. The plan is that every Sunday I will write an update on what has been newly completed, and what’s under way. This will hopefully keep me on track for a 100% succession rate!


None (yet)


Do a jigsaw puzzle

While I was cleaning today, I found a jigsaw puzzle at Mario’s place, a perfect opportunity to put together a jigsaw puzzle without having to output any dollars to buy one! It had never been opened before, so with his permission, we cracked open the box and dumped the pieces on the floor. [...]  read more