I need you…now…to tell me stuff please!

See here’s the thing right. On my blog I do a bit of a brain dump of whatever comes to me on the day. It could be anything, like a story about accidentally falling on a razor and cutting my butt open (seriously happened when I was 15, but I never wrote about it) or just about my latest tech toy that I’m obsessed with. It’s great for me to get the stories out of my head (not great if I had a historical trail of butt cuts), but I actually have no idea what you guys enjoy reading. A large part of this blog is the enjoyment I get from seeing you guys enjoy it.

So…I have a big favour to ask.

Please share with me what you enjoy, what you hate, and everything in between. I’ve made up a survey, it’s only 5 questions so it’s not so bad. I would seriously love you all if you took a minute to share it with me.


I promise I’ll have no idea who you are, so be as brutal as you like. I reserve the right to cry like a baby.

The survey starts here

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Let me know your thoughts!