I’m alive…I promise!

Oh, hi world! I’m alive, I promise!

I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post – that feels like forever!! I’ve got two posts half written at the moment, that I’ll get around to finishing…eventually.

I’ve had such a crazy busy few months, it’s been sheer mayhem. I’ll do a quick summary:

  • I completed my first half marathon (video recap coming…one day)
  • I swore off running after that
  • It lasted only a couple of weeks
  • I restarted running to participate in another event for my run club, and over the space of 10 days walked/ran just over 190km.
  • I also managed to injure my knee in the process
  • I then swore off running again for a bit to recover
  • I’m already picking out my next training program and events
  • Luca turned two!!!
  • We had a party for him, which I then realised I had invited nearly 90 people
  • I swore off birthday parties for Luca ever again
  • I don’t know how many actually came but we had a great time and it was so wonderful to see everyone (he is so loved and we are grateful!!)
  • I then wondered what we’d be doing for his birthday party next year (will I ever learn)
  • I managed 30 something…..(35 maybe?) days without binge eating
  • I relapsed from sheer fatigue and overdoing things
  • I’m struggling to get my mindset back into the game again….that ol’ battle
  • I’m also getting over another cold…urgh

They’re the big ticket items from the last few months anyway. It’s been quite an exciting time for sure.

My free time at night is limited, so I’m not making excuses but it’s just been hard to put my blog above everything else.

By the time I get home from work it’s about 6.30pm. Either I’m eating my dinner quickly or putting Luca to bed (although my husband does it more than I do) and then by the time I’ve eaten and cleaned up it’s 7.30’ish. I get about an hour to myself and then it’s bed time. Luca wakes up anywhere between 4 – 5am, so it’s early mornings and long days. Today I was in the office for 11.5hrs – I started early (my hubby did daycare drop off) and then a critical item meant I didn’t walk out the door until 1.5hrs after I was meant to leave.

Remember that 52 list? That’s barely had a look in this year. I’m going to have think hard about what to do for next year! Since we’ve been so busy this year I’ve barely thought about it to be honest, which is disappointing given that last year I finally nailed a 100% success rate.

I’ve got some exciting news though! Very shortly I’ll be saying hello from another country!! Konichiwa!! Japan!! Our first international trip is coming up and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

So, how is everyone out there? Still reading? Still alive too? I hope you’re all well!

Let me know your thoughts!