You have to love the Sunshine Coast

Today I was suffering a major food hangover after a binge fest at my cousin's baby shower yesterday. My family are renouned for intense dessert offerings, and yesterday was no exception.

This morning, while my sister Amy and her partner, Claire, were up from Sydney, the family took the opportunity to visit the Noosa National Park. If you ever get the chance to visit the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, this would be on my list of recommendations of “Must See”. I've been coming here since I was young, and it still hasn't lost its beauty.

This section is called “Hell's Gates”, and takes about 45mins – 1hr to reach, pending your fitness levels. Or if you're with my father, at least 1.5hrs to stop and look at trees and hear various stories. You may have heard the story before, but this time you have to listen to it here about this tree, which is way more special than the last tree.

I had such a great time though – I always love going for a walk. I'd tried to warn Mario about how how it would be, but he wouldn't listen and wore a collared shirt. Needless to say he was a bit hot by the time we reached the top, so the Italian stallion popped his top button and the chest hair and gold chain came tumbling out 🙂 Luckily he's got a great sense of humour when I tease him about it.

All up I think I managed something like 13,000 steps in the walk around the park. Right now I've just had some strawberry jam on bread (oh yeah – gourmet) and an endura magnesium drink, as I'm feeling a bit dehydrated.

Mario is in the process of preparing things for dinner tonight. We have friends coming over, so he has pork belly ready to go, and right now is blending garlic and butter ready to make some garlic bread. We also have a brand new smoker that he's just loaded up with some bacon, jalapenos and a chicken. It's so good dating a masterchef (although my hips would disagree with me).

I'm dreading tomorrow's weigh in after this weekend (did I mention I was out drinking Friday night as well), but time to get back on the wagon again. I'm aiming to take it day-by-day this week, then with my work Christmas Party on Saturday all bets are off yet again. I already know we're having a 3 course meal, so it's certainly not going to be possible to stick to a diet plan. I think with a completed bloated belly, tomorrow morning's run is going to be quite the struggle as well.

But day-by-day right? No one was ever victorious without the struggle first!

Let me know your thoughts!