Walks, coffee, croissants and strength

Yesterday I had such a great day! Even though it was interspersed with work still (I’m so close to having the next project go live) I managed to get out and do some fun stuff!

First up in the morning I headed down for a walk and a coffee with a friend. Another friend and her husband were opening a new bakery and I wanted to go show some support. I’d been lusting after his baking on facebook for a while and I was so excited to take a look!

The walk was great! We followed a pathway having absolutely no idea where we were going, since neither of us ever get down that way. We ended up walking along the water and coming across the back of the Caloundra Big 4 camping ground. There was a huge jumping pillow for the kids, and for the parents, a cute coffee caravan and places to sit. It looked amazing and needless to say is on the list of places to go this summer with friends. They have cabins there, so it’s going to be great for those friends and family that either aren’t keen on the “camping” bit or have injuries that require a proper bed. Obviously because of the kids I couldn’t take a photo to share, so here’s a pic of the water instead 🙂  [...]  read more

Big Pineapple: Luca’s first train ride

Recently Luca has been obsessed with trains, or in Luca language, Toot Toots.

He has a Thomas train that he got from a show bag last year, and he loves it. That train has been a lot of places. And occasionally we’ll watch an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine on Netflix. Speaking of which, did you know they’ve changed the theme song? I was devastated, the original was such a classic!!!

After watching him play with Thomas yet again, this week I randomly decided I wanted to take him on a train. Not just any train, a proper train train. Not just our metal cage commuter trains. Ideally it would have been the beautiful Mary Valley Rattler, which I have never been on but would love to one day (bucket list).  [...]  read more

Saturday picnic in the hinterlands (a 52 in 52 task)

Picnic in the hinterland

On this grey, dreary day my husband decided to humour me. I had requested that he prepare a lunch so that we could have picnic in the hinterland, then promptly forgotten all about it. It was a 52 in 52 that I wanted to achieve for weeks, and hadn’t yet had a chance. I thought today would have been a great chance for us to spend time together before the arrival of bub.

After making my request, I went out and caught up with some friends in a book club I’m part of. While I was out, Mario had messaged to let me know we had other friends coming over to visit, ones that we always struggle to find time to see. Once I got home, he explained he had told them we would only be home until midday, then we had to go out.

“Where?” I enquired, disappointed showing in my voice. Secretly I was hoping for a day at home on the couch.

“You wanted to have a picnic?!” he pointed out, very confused.

“Oh yeah!” My voice changed to excitement.

I looked in the fridge, to find he had prepared a packed lunch for us. He had put together a spread of sandwiches, olive antipasto, chocolate and drinks. What a sweetheart.

Finding somewhere to go

At first I had wanted to take our dog as well, but after thinking more about it, I decided taking her in a truck on windy roads may not be a smart idea. She was out.

After discussing the technical specifications we decided that all I wanted to have a view over the coast if possible. Knowing there was a ton of lookouts along the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we jumped in the car and headed up. Our first stop was to go to Mary Cairncross, which was absolutely packed. I also forgot that the view was actually across the road from the Scenic Reserve, and not actually a lookout. We continued on.

I put in the keywords of “lookout” in Google Maps, and McCarthy’s Lookout was only a short distance away. We decided to go there.

We pulled up and it was perfect. It had everything I needed:

  • A view over the Glasshouse Mountains (admittedly quite grey, but still gorgeous; I can only imagine what that would look like on a clear day)
  • A table and chairs for us to sit at (bonus – they were clean)
  • Not many people (at the time there was only two other girls there occupying the second table; they had wine – I was jealous)

We parked, and set ourselves up.


Eating lunch

Mario had really delivered on the impromptu request. We had gourmet sandwiches, comprising of:

  • Meat (one half had prosciutto, the other half had ham)
  • Jarlesburg cheese
  • Sun-dried tomato
  • Rocket
  • Roasted capsicums
  •  [...]  read more

    You have to love the Sunshine Coast

    Today I was suffering a major food hangover after a binge fest at my cousin's baby shower yesterday. My family are renouned for intense dessert offerings, and yesterday was no exception.

    This morning, while my sister Amy and her partner, Claire, were up from Sydney, the family took the opportunity to visit the Noosa National Park. If you ever get the chance to visit the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, this would be on my list of recommendations of “Must See”. I've been coming here since I was young, and it still hasn't lost its beauty.  [...]  read more

    Crazy weather on the Sunshine Coast

    Wowsers!! What a crazy 24 hours in Queensland!

    Rains and winds from the ex-tropical cyclone Oswald have battered the state, causing widespread flooding and damage. You can read full details on the news sites like news.com.au, which also has a pretty good gallery full of images.

    Sadly it seems as though there are lives that have been lost, and annoyingly there are still people taking risks by driving through floodwaters. Stay out of the water people!!

    Thankfully I have no incidents to report of. Where I live there's been no damage other than a few dead palms branches falling off (collected and stockpiled today), all of my family are healthy and accounted for, and my dog got spoiled by being allowed to spend the night inside in the garage. We have had power as well, which quite a few friends and family haven't been so lucky. I bet Bunnings are doing a roaring trade with generators today! [...]  read more