Bali preparation: technology edition 1

When you travel, you take photos. Everyone does. It's a given.

When you travel, you want to tell everyone back home all about it,

When you travel, to share the photos with everyone back home means you have to have the gear to be able to send the pictures, and when you travel, how much gear you take requires serious consideration. No one wants to be lugging around heavy backpacks or suitcases, myself included. How inconvenient! Thus currently I'm going through the motions of figuring out what tech gear I want to take with me, and how I can get away with taking as little as possible. When I went to Thailand last year I took the following: [...]  read more

Saturday night integration

On Saturday night I went out with my housemate and her friends for dinner.

This was big for me, because my housemate seems like one of those beautiful people. You know the type: gorgeous, intelligent, seemingly so happy all the time. Going out with her friends meant a big deal to me. Not only was this pushing a boundary of the housemates rule (What if her friends didn't like me? What if I made a fool of myself? Would it make living at home awkward?) it was also meeting new people for the first time, which is always daunting. [...]  read more

Bali preparation: clothing

At the end of next month I will be jetting off to the beautiful Bali for a holiday and for a friend's wedding. It will be my first time there, and my first time travelling solo, although through my friend she has introduced me to her friends, and will be meeting up with them when I arrive. I won't be seeing my friend, the soon-to-be-wed Jo of A Rainbow Life, until her wedding day. It's been years since I last saw her, not counting FaceTime and Skype video!

So my usual holiday preparation has begun where I think about what I need to buy in preparation. Number 1 thing was clothes. I don't have any nice hot weather clothes! The dresses I bought in Thailand I've decided I'm not a fan of, and I needed some shorts as I wasn't planning on wearing denim ones! I get away a lot with singlets at home so i have that covered, but denim shorts and jeans just aren't going to cut it (unless I want some serious leg rub rashes). So I hit the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) yesterday with Mum, and came out of it spending just a little over $120. The purchases: [...]  read more

Hold tight folks, I’m heading to Bali

A friend of mine is getting married in Bali in May, and I'm invited. Originally I discussed the possibility with C, then after we split with my mum, then a friend. My friend can't make it for budget reasons, and I don't think I could last that long with Mum without getting frustrated (I love you Mum).

So I'm going it alone.

I am seriously scared by this prospect. It means the savings that I had finally gotten started are going to be gone. It means that I won't have anywhere there beside me in a foreign country to figure things out with. At the end of the day, I will by myself. [...]  read more

So it brought me to Nickleback, I shall hang my head in shame

Regular readers to my blog would know that I split with my ex, C, about a month ago. We had been having problems and arguing for quite a while, to the point that I moved out. We were going to try doing the whole “space” thing, it failed, we ended it for good.

Since then I've done the whole rebuilding thing. I live in a house with an amazing housemate, her kids (they're only there 4 days out of 7), and our two dogs. I have a place where I can come home to pure silence, where I can de-stress and recuperate before the stresses of the following day. It's fair to say I couldn't be any more thrilled with where I live. [...]  read more