The Pregnancy diary: 40 weeks

Well, I’ve hit the big 4-0 and still no baby. It’s clear that bub has my genetics when it comes to his knack for schedules. If he was anything like Mario, he would have arrived on Monday, just to make sure he definitely arrived before his due date. Since he’s like me, he’s probably only just realising that he was meant to be here today, and he’s rushing around trying to get ready. His arrival time is anyone’s guess.

So what’s the plan now?

More waiting. We’re basically giving it another week to see if he arrives of his own accord, and then we’ll figure out what we’re doing then. [...]  read more

The Pregnancy Diary: 37 week recap (aches, pains and tears)

Hoo boy, here I was at 33 weeks tracking along thinking everything was fine and dandy. Then I hit 37 weeks and found myself surrounded by one dark grey cloud.

It’s time for the 37 week recap, and things are going to get emotional.

Aches and pains

I’m officially really uncomfortable. I had been, in my mind, still decently active up until this point. I was still able to go for walks with Ness, although we had dropped it back to 2 days a week. Admittedly, some of those days I’ve had to pike out as well due to heart burn, lack of sleep etc. I wasn’t perfect, but at least I could still move (albeit slower). [...]  read more

The pregnancy Diary: 33 weeks

They say that technically a baby is full term from 37 weeks on. That means we’re officially within a month of the baby being full term, and only 7 weeks from reaching the big 4-0 weeks! I’ve written about a few random things here and there since, but nothing to recap how I’m actually feeling. It’s definitely time for an update.

Things are becoming uncomfortable

I’m now at the size where things are starting to get uncomfortable. Sitting on the couch at home if I’m trying to eat something using the coffee table to rest my food on I have to sit like a sumo. Legs spread wide, belly hanging low! There are jokes there to be made about my spread legs and how we ended up in this situation. [...]  read more

The pregnancy diary: week 15

I’m still a little behind in posting these updates, but I’m catching up quickly! As I write this I’m nearly 20 weeks. 

I had in my mind that when I hit the end of the first trimester that all the problems would go away. They would be replaced by this amazing halo of goodness, and I would suddenly look like a princess.

Spoiler alert – that doesn’t happen.

The fatigue is going away

This is a win for me. I’m starting to get back into the normal energy range. Fitness wise I’ve lost a lot of my fitness already, which I expected given I wasn’t out there smashing the pavement every morning or doing strength classes. Most mornings Ness and I are out trying to do things, whether it’s swimming or walking. I’m still active, I just don’t have any strength. [...]  read more

The pregnancy diary: Week 12

This was written in secret before we went public with our announcement of being pregnant, which you can read here. I’m now sharing these with everyone, until this is up to date. As this gets published, I’m now 13 weeks along.

This week we FINALLY announced – hooray!

I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was, even though there were more and more people finding out all the time. I was just over having to hide it really; it felt like this huge pressure hanging over me that probably made me feel a bit more cranky than usual. But first, the scan. [...]  read more