August one second a day

Woah – 3 months left for 2017! That’s just crazy!

August was another pretty crazy month, with lots on with friends and family. To recap the monthly highlights:

  • Celebrating the birthdays of my Aunt K-A, and good friends, Vasi and Scotty
  • Lots of food adventures:
    • High tea with my Mum and Aunty Sue
    • Being able to eat indian without wanting to throw up (yay pregnancy)
    • Falling in love with Polenta all over again
    • An attempt to make banana bread that was more like “banana slush”
  • Monthly date night (more day) at an amazing massage with the hubby
  • Seeing the marvel exhibit in Brisbane
  • The beginning of the onset of cankles and feet swelling (yay pregnancy)

It’s been a great month, and I just can’t believe how quick time flies. Such a cliche, but it’s really true.

Let me know your thoughts!