Getting sick and learning a lesson

Last week, in the space of 2 days I had mouth ulcers, the beginning of a cold sore, a sore throat and eventually a cold. I think my body is trying to tell me something.

Either my hygiene is disgusting or my immune system is significantly underpowered.

I can't say I've had a lot of stress lately. I have just returned from holidays (still blogging them, as you know) so that was a huge stress relief, but last week my dog just had surgery to get a lump removed (later found to be benign, woohoo). I have just started dieting, and returning to work to a big pile of half done work from my colleagues was also tough, but I have been in much worse positions before.

Thus its time to start looking after this body of mine I think.

To start with I will be reviewing my methods for dealing with stress and focusing on that for the next quarter. Work will be a great place for me to practise since I get some pretty hairy situations to deal with, and that's just dealing with some of my colleagues.

I've also just started on the immune system boosters, and that combined with my healthy eating and exercise should hopefully see some nice returns. I also have a girls weekend coming up in a month, so something to look forward to there!

Last thing, make sure I'm in bed at a reasonable hour. It's 9.30pm now so it's time to switch out the lights! Adios!

Let me know your thoughts!