52 in 52: the 2017 *revised* edition

We’ve just hit the 6th month of the year – nearly half way. This morning I took the opportunity to review my 52 list and what I still had left. I’ve been planning on doing this for a while, because let’s face it, there are some I’m just not going to be able to achieve anymore.

There is no way I can hold a hold a 3 minute plank. Not when I’m already 20 weeks pregnant, and due to give birth mid October. I can’t see myself being able to get that level of fitness post-baby. As a friend put it, if I can hold a 10 second plank that’s probably impressive. Mainly because I found the time to actually do a plank.

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The pregnancy diary: week 15

I’m still a little behind in posting these updates, but I’m catching up quickly! As I write this I’m nearly 20 weeks. 

I had in my mind that when I hit the end of the first trimester that all the problems would go away. They would be replaced by this amazing halo of goodness, and I would suddenly look like a princess.

Spoiler alert – that doesn’t happen.

The fatigue is going away

This is a win for me. I’m starting to get back into the normal energy range. Fitness wise I’ve lost a lot of my fitness already, which I expected given I wasn’t out there smashing the pavement every morning or doing strength classes. Most mornings Ness and I are out trying to do things, whether it’s swimming or walking. I’m still active, I just don’t have any strength.

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March and April one second a day

It’s been a while since I posted the latest one of these, so it’s two months in one!

Some monthly highlights:

  • Our bub is growing bigger (and so is my belly)
  • Family and friends time
  • Lots of good food and treats
  • Our 6 month wedding anniversary
  • Beautiful weather and plenty of time at the beach
  • Exciting sporting events
  • Tons of birthdays

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