Crazy weather on the Sunshine Coast

Wowsers!! What a crazy 24 hours in Queensland! Rains and winds from the ex-tropical cyclone Oswald have battered the state, causing widespread flooding and damage. You can read full details on the news sites like, which also has a pretty good gallery full of images. Sadly it seems as though there are lives that … Read more

Lazy night in

Today at work was crazy busy, and mentally I am feeling a bit “blah”. To try and pick up my mood a bit I decided a lazy night in was in order. I showered early and washed my hair, watched a movie and ate some junk food. I have also just finished straightening my hair, … Read more

Moving day

Today is the day that I move out of the house I shared with C and two others, and into a new place. There I will be sharing with a female around my age, and occasionally her two children aged 6 and 8 (she shares custody with her ex). The room is huge with air … Read more

If you play with my toes I will fall asleep

Last year when I first moved in with my housemates and C, we went through the period of figuring out who does what, the different roles we take on, and all the different mannerisms we each had. I took on the cleaning role. Sure, everyone did their bit around the house – washing dishes, their … Read more

What a difference moving furniture makes

I came home from work yesterday to find the living room couch, a 5 piece 6 seater corner lounge, completely pulled apart. On further inspection, I found a whole new feature piece in the room formerly known as the living room. It was a bar! In our house we had a second living room, which … Read more