One of the best customer experiences in a long time

I recently bought some brand new running shoes as my last ones were dead – there was no tread left and it was starting to hurt when I went for a run. I had ended up investing $199 into some brand new Asics, which I wrote about here. At the time I had mentioned that I was getting blisters with these new shoes, but expected them to go away.

After 3 weeks, that wasn't the case and I was still experiencing some extremely painful blisters on my big toes. I was actually quite upset, as I had reached a point where I just wasn't enjoying the shoes at all, and going for a run wasn't something I looked forward to. I had even looked at my old ones and thought about just returning back to those for the moment. I also hated the fact that I had spent $200 on some duds. [...]  read more

Tired but smashed it

After yet another sleepless night, I awoke with a headache, stiff neck, and huge black bags under my eyes. Nothing some make up and a nurofen couldn't fix before work though.

Overnight, I slept on the inflatable bed downstairs again so I could keep an eye on my dog, who has been recovering from a virus. Her bladder is back under control, but she's yet to have a bowel movement which has me concerned. She had the runs before, I would hate now for there to either be a complete blockage or just constipation. From one extreme to another. To deal with the bladder issues we had covered her bed with a tarp and a towel on top of that. While it made it waterproof, it also meant that every time she moved an inch it would make a crackling noise that would cause me to immediately awaken and jump up. I was prepared to rush her outside if necessary to avoid a mess from being made indoors. Unfortunately for me, every single time the bed crackled she was just re-adjusting her position. My garmin sleep patterns show some huge peaks for every time I woke up with a start, so needless to say I'm a bit knackered today. [...]  read more

What I never leave home without (my running equipment)

Garmin 920xt

At my recent triathlon, I was lucky enough to score a free shirt from the Garmin exhibit, which read:

If you see me collapse, someone pause my Garmin

Sadly, that sums me up SO well. There are some things that when it comes to training, I just don’t leave home without.

The shoes

This is where a bit of money goes, but not the most (you’ll freak when you see the cost of my watch).

I religiously lived for my old Nike Lunarglide, but they recently reached the point where I was blistering up again because they had reached point of death. It was time to move on. [...]  read more

Journey of a first time marathon runner

Hello world, I’m back.

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, as my world was incredibly busy, stressful and relaxing. Strange combination, but that’s just how it worked out.

  • Holidays in Indonesia (in June, which now feels like forever ago) – relaxing
  • Training for my first olympic distance triathlon – busy
  • Work – VERY stressful

Thankfully I’ve managed to get a bit of support at work finally, which means my stress levels have reduced dramatically. I can come home at night and not just want to bury my head in Mario’s shoulder and cry. Instead, I bury my head in and get amazing cuddles (or cwuddles as we call them), relax and read a bit while he finishes up making dinner, I clean up, then bedtime. It’s so wonderful dating a man that cooks. [...]  read more

Keeping up my fitness motivation

As I have grown to know who I am as a person in the last few years, I have discovered the various quirks that I have:

  • I love to do activity of some kind, but I also can become lazy very quickly.
  • I love lists…like REALLY love them (I'm writing one now even)
  • I'm a visual person, and need to see things in front of me

Knowing those, when Mario had the suggestion that we should print out a list of all the different exercise classes we can go to and start writing down what we accomplish during the week, I was all for it. It was a list of some sort, it was visual, and it reminded me what I can go and do.

The reason he suggested it was actually more for himself as he's concerned he has put on a bit of weight (he's still gorgeous to me), but I am still getting a lot of benefit out of it for myself. The moment I have a day where I can't write on there that I've done something, my laziness is immediately apparent so it really helps to keep me going. [...]  read more