Getting sick and learning a lesson

Last week, in the space of 2 days I had mouth ulcers, the beginning of a cold sore, a sore throat and eventually a cold. I think my body is trying to tell me something.

Either my hygiene is disgusting or my immune system is significantly underpowered.

I can't say I've had a lot of stress lately. I have just returned from holidays (still blogging them, as you know) so that was a huge stress relief, but last week my dog just had surgery to get a lump removed (later found to be benign, woohoo). I have just started dieting, and returning to work to a big pile of half done work from my colleagues was also tough, but I have been in much worse positions before.  [...]  read more

Bali Day 2

After an early night, I woke early and decided I would go wandering to discover a venue for breakfast. Thanks to the wifi in the villa I was able to google a few places north of me. I googled a map, thought it looked straight forward and set off shortly after 8.30.

One thing I loved about our villa was the back street it opened up to. The fences were all high (with some form of security on top, whether it be barbed wire or in some cases huge shards of broken glass) and they all had really cool wooden carved doors for the entrance. It was unlike something I had ever seen. I'm kicking myself for not having taken a photo of our doorway. When I pulled up in the car with Cam from the airport the day before, the car had only just fit down the alleyway; if another car had pulled up someone would have been reversing out. [...]  read more

It’s that weight loss time again

As a result of my recent travels to Melbourne and Bali (which yes, I’m still slowly blogging about), I have grown a food baby.

I could say a big ass and thighs, but they were already there.

So it’s time to do something about that, since it’s winter and with time on my side I could have a banging body come summer. I’ve also made a challenge with a friend that I will wear a bikini in a month for a girls weekend, so some of this belly and bum will have to go. And that bum is not Kim Kardashian like where it’s huge but it still somehow manages to be super hot. This bum is big, floppy and as white as can be (it does not ever see the daylight, also unlike Kim Kardashian’s bum, but I won’t go there). [...]  read more

Bali Day 1

For the most part my flight was uneventful. I had been given the exit row seat, which was great, and the middle aged couple beside me were lovely. There was a child a few rows back which screamed for the first 10mins of the flight, which caused visible discomfort to many passengers. I think we were all unanimously relieved when the toddler finally calmed down (mind you it had been screaming like it was a newborn).

When we arrived at the airport, the heat smacked you over the head the second you walked out the plane door. Unfortunately I was still wearing my hoody and jeans, and it was about 5mins before I was able to separate myself from the crowd enough to stop walking, and get the hoody off. The heat, compared to the cold in Melbourne, was pure magic. [...]  read more

Second half of my Melbourne journey

Saturday morning I awoke with the dreaded feeling that I was getting crook. My throat was sore, my nose felt a little blocked, and I was feeling a little fatigued despite having a long sleep. I was determined not to get crook though.

Julie had already eaten, so Jens and I popped down to Crabapple Kitchen so that I could show off my newfound discovery. We both decided to try something from their international menu; some recipes influenced by their world wide travels. We ended up with a duck something in a tajine, and mushrooms on a slice of sourdough (I think) with a poached egg on top. Interesting breakfast, although I think I preferred the hot cakes I had had the morning before. [...]  read more