Plan to take over the world: Honest customer service day

Working in customer service, there are days when you hate customers. Not just a mild dislike “bad day” kind of feeling, more like a “OH MY GOD YOU MAKE MY BRAIN HURT WITH THE SHEER LEVEL OF STUPIDITY THAT YOU ARE DISPLAYING, I AM MORE DUMB FOR HAVING SPENT TIME ON THE PHONE WITH YOU” rampage kind of feeling. When curse words just spew forth from your mouth, so much so that your mother tries to grab for the soap to wash your mouth out but there's not enough soap in the world. [...]  read more

54 inches between my legs


Oh get your mind out of the gutter…I was talking about a bike! My new bike!

I recently agreed to ride 100km at the end of October with a friend in Melbourne's “Around the Bay” bike ride.

Because I'm in insane.

As part of that, I figured I should maybe look at buying a bike, since its a little bit necessary and all. On the actual day I will be riding my friend's bike so I don't have to fly mine down, but it wouldn't hurt to train so I don't die from the sheer pain of my ass on a bike seat.  [...]  read more

Getting some fitness back

Before I get into the reason for this blog post, it's become apparent I really need to start taking some more photos again so that my posts can actually have something visual attached. Something from my own life! It would be a little more interesting, no?

So how are things with me? On the up in a very good way. I've gotten back into training again 3 times a week, while running on the other days with a break on the weekends (although I try to be active if I can). The first few weeks were tough, mighty tough. Thankfully my body has started to get back into the swing of things and I'm able to push myself harder with each session.  [...]  read more

Cool kid on the block

I am the cool kid on the block in our office at the moment.

Why, you ask?

Because this:

My iPhone wears a leopard print g-string.

So raunchy!

A work colleague and I have challenged each other to buy the most pointless things we can find for less than US$10 on, and gift it to someone in the office. This g-string came as two for $2, the other one is being used in an office prank to sneak into to a colleague's brand new phone (the challenge being his phone doesn't leave his side). This one is being used for demonstration and giggling purposes only. No iPhone home buttons were harmed in the making of this blog post. [...]  read more

Perceptive readers and a jam packed weekend

It would appear there is no better way than to find out who is still reading your blog than to throw in a mention of someone in particular (that hasn't featured on the blog in quite a while) just to see who is paying attention. Admittedly, that wasn't my intention but I'll go along with it.

It turns out that a couple of you picked up that C and I had dinner last week, and that there was the potential for a weekend road trip. Alas we didn't end up going as his grandmother unfortunately passed away in her sleep Thursday evening so he immediately left the coast to be with his family. Originally I had opted it was best to let him have time alone with them to grieve, but after a text from him wishing that I was there, I cancelled my plans last night and for today, and drove down immediately. [...]  read more