One month to my first triathlon

I've always wanted to do a triathlon.

I came close once, a friend and I started training for it. We never got around to signing up, and eventually we stopped training altogether. I did continue with fitness sessions to this day (I enjoy my boot camp classes), but never to the extent I needed to maintain a level of fitness worthy completing a tri.

After meeting Mario, I decided to revisit the dream. He loves triathlons and has completed a fair few (the numbers run into double digits) so he motivated me to give it a go. A quick message to my friend and she agreed to it as well.  [...]  read more

Photos from the week ending 4th January

Part of my 52 in 52 list for 2014 is to take a photo a day. Each Sunday I plan on posting photos from the week before.

Wednesday 1st January Mario (the nickname for my boyfriend due to his Italian heritage) and I enjoyed a sleep in after a party at his friend's place the night before. We were in the middle of a two week holiday, and really struggling to find some time to actually relax. New Year's Day, normally reserved for coping with hangovers, ended up being the first day we relaxed. We had only indulged in a few drinks the night before, nothing heavy, and thus woke up fresh. We went to the markets in the morning, returned home and spent an hour in the garden. We ended up pulling out all the mint that had taken over lots of sections, filling a HUGE rubbish bag with it. We kept a small portion for some fruit smoothies, and the rest got binned. The crazy part is that it will all be back within 3 months.

Thursday 2nd January

One of my favourite people in the world had messaged me a couple of days earlier to see if Mario and I were free for dinner, so we organised it for the Thursday night. We enjoyed a bbq dinner made by Mario including an amazing paleo chocolate tart (sidenote – I'm now sugar free for the year, conditions apply and will be blogged later). It was great to see my friends, since they live down in one of the southern states of Australia, which means I don't get to see them as much as I would like.  [...]  read more

52 in 52 for 2014

New year, new list. I’m excited about this list, there are LOADS of fun things on there and I think every single item is achievable without struggling too much (that’s not to say they still won’t be a challenge).

Physical Activity (14 items)

  • Zorbing
  • Enter an event I’ve not been in before
  • Learn to Kitesurf (M kitesurfs, and it looks like a lot of fun)
  • Try stand up paddleboarding
  • Complete a triathlon (I’ve enrolled in two for the year – my first short distance in February, and a full length at the end of the year in November)
  • Use my surfboard (had it for a few years now, figure it’s about time I used it)
  • Sleep at an aquarium
  • Canal tour
  • Go whale watching
  • Visit the hinterlands/mountains
  • Visit Palmersaurus
  • Visit jumping crocodile cruise (my friend Jo is due to give birth at some point, so I will be going to the Northern Territory to visit her afterwards, and will be able to go on this cruise at the same time)
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Go camping with my dog (since normally she doesn’t get to come)
  •  [...]  read more

    2013 – 52 in 52 results

    Well hello there again. In my last post I said I was going to start writing more frequently again, and then I don't go and write for 3 months. Well, shit.

    For this year I've vowed to write more, and I've also briefed my boyfriend, M, on the update so I will be scheduling in a time each week for me to write. After all, I love it and enjoy looking back on what I wrote about during the year.

    So to get things started again, it's time to review how I went with last year's 52 in 52. I had the busiest year and really didn't make it a priority so I'm not expecting the success rate to be high. [...]  read more

    An update of recent events in my life

    Next month I'm riding in a 100km bike ride in Melbourne, and this week my lycra jersey arrived! It's the first time I've ever owned a lycra top (I bought my first lycra pants last month when I bought my bike), and I have to say it doesn't feel as bad on as I had expected. Getting the top was pretty exciting, and made the prospect of doing this ride all the more real. Now I just need to make sure I'm getting some more serious bike time so that I'm prepared, and don't die from the sheer amount of time spent in the saddle (I expect to have a very sore bum). [...]  read more