All work and no play…

Finally, FINALLY it seems as though I'm healthy again. That's awesome. Oh, except I was about to say I haven't had to blow my nose in ages, but remembered that I blew it this morning after I sneezed. That was the exception though, other than that it's been forever.

Today was the first Monday I have been able to work in about 3 weeks without going home sick early. I shouldn't be thrilled it's a Monday, but I'm thrilled it meant I've lasted a weekend without a relapse of getting sick. That's awesome.  [...]  read more

Another day, still sick

This morning I went into work suffering not only Mondayitis, but also the flu (still). I had dragged myself in there after the weekend purely because I know I had a lot of work to do. For the first two hours, I was greeted by my colleagues with the following comments:

Wow, what's wrong with you?

You look like shit!

Don't come near me!

Way to make someone feel good about themselves!

So I upped and left the joint, and returned home, stopping along the way to drop another $40 at the chemist buying more vitamins, tablets and tissues. If anyone has felt some sort of benefit from my continued sickness, it would be the local chemist. They've made a whack of profit from me. [...]  read more

Just when I thought I was better…

Seriously, I am so over being sick! Just when I thought it was all gone and it was just a bit of a cough remaining, I go and get worse. My nose is now running like mad, and for the last 10mins I have had my head over a steaming hot bowl of vicks and hot water, breathing in through my nose and getting all teary (not because of my nose, but because I stupidly opened my eyes).

It feels like the last month has just been about getting sick, getting better, then getting sick again. I'm lucky that I lost weight earlier in my 12wbt challenge because I'm up to week 8 or 9 now, and I haven't been able to lose weight for the last 4 weeks because not being able to breathe properly meant I was not up for exercising! I weighed in the other day and I'm still at the same weight, which I guess is a good thing because when I'm sick I'm also a sook, and give in to bad food quite easily. [...]  read more

Why I chose to spread my cold and flu germs around

For the past week I have been pretty crook. I've had to take an afternoon off work, came home and just slept. Then I woke up, tried and failed at eating, and slept some more.

I've slept some insane amount of hours.

I have also been back at work, working my bum off. I have also been to social events with friends, birthday dinners and catching up with friends visiting for the weekend.

I chose to do all of this, despite being sick. I chose to spread my germs, even though I was covering my mouth when coughing, washing my hands and generally trying to keep to good hygiene. It wasn't until I saw the doctor (I had begun coughing up bright green mucus and was worried) that I realised the entire time I should have been staying home. [...]  read more

I’m baaack!

Yes, it has been a long time since I blogged. No, it hasn't been intention. I still love you, blog, I swear! And moreso, I love all of my readers (do you actually exist??)

My life has pretty much consisted of the following lately:

  • Wake up
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Come home
  • Cook dinner
  • Bed

Rinse, repeat, day in, day out…except in the cases where I have been sick, in which case ignore that whole bit about exercise. I've been hit with several bouts of the flu lately, the most recent one leaving me bed ridden for a couple of days; I even took 2 days off work – wow! [...]  read more