Single again

So I’m single again. We broke up at 2am this morning.

In my heart I know it’s the right thing to do. It just simply became too hard. I still love him, which is the tough part, but we just aren’t working.

The straw that broke the back was an argument over a road trip this weekend. I was concerned that he was about to start a drinking game at 12.30am when we were meant to be leaving for the airport at 5.15am to take a friend to the airport then continuing from there. I didn’t want a tired and grumpy boyfriend on the road trip. He said he would be fine with energy drinks and a couple of beers, that would keep him in good spirits. He also felt I was making assumptions on what time he would be coming to bed, because I said I was skeptical he would come to bed at the time he said he would. read more

If you play with my toes I will fall asleep


Last year when I first moved in with my housemates and C, we went through the period of figuring out who does what, the different roles we take on, and all the different mannerisms we each had.

I took on the cleaning role.

Sure, everyone did their bit around the house – washing dishes, their own laundry etc. But I was the one doing the dusting, vacuuming and the mopping, and C and I were both the most (and still are) active in making sure the outside is maintained. I didn’t mind, I just did it because it needed to be done. The only thing that bothered me was when people would tell me they would do it, and then didn’t. Particularly if they were making that promise out of their own feeling of guilt for not doing anything, since I never actually asked anyone to do anything. read more

What a difference moving furniture makes

I came home from work yesterday to find the living room couch, a 5 piece 6 seater corner lounge, completely pulled apart. On further inspection, I found a whole new feature piece in the room formerly known as the living room. It was a bar!


In our house we had a second living room, which when we moved in discovered it had a corner tv unit that was impossible to remove. It seemed to be somehow mounted to the wall, and the boys couldn’t figure it out how to get rid of it. As we didn’t really have any intentions of using the room anyway, we put some couches in there and called it a day. We all lived in the other room, so it never bothered us. read more