Kel turns 31

This week I turned 31, which means I can now say that I'm officially in my 30's. Right? Or could I have said that the day after I turned 30? Either way, whatever. I'm in my 30's. Embracing it baby! I didn't really want to do anything this year; I guess having had a bigger … Read more

Off camping for the next 8 days

It wouldn’t be camping if it wasn’t raining! Yesterday we spent a few hours getting ready for camping today, preparing all the food (Mario has cut and vacuumed sealed our veggies ready for cooking) and packed up the truck. It is seriously full. The canopy section is completely loaded to the ceiling, and the rear … Read more

Fitness? What fitness?

I haven't worked out in days. At all. Not even a single push up. It's not intentional, it's just that I've been distracted by a lot of other things. I'm doing work on a friend's website trying to improve some things for their online store, and also going into my own workplace early trying to … Read more

Summer time Salads and Cold Sores

It's the second day of summer, and this afternoon I picked this crop out of the garden. We have fourteen cherry tomato plants in the veggie patch (holy moses I thought there were three but Mario just corrected me), and they're starting to pick up the rate of produce. I really enjoy picking cherry tomatoes … Read more

You have to love the Sunshine Coast

Today I was suffering a major food hangover after a binge fest at my cousin's baby shower yesterday. My family are renouned for intense dessert offerings, and yesterday was no exception. This morning, while my sister Amy and her partner, Claire, were up from Sydney, the family took the opportunity to visit the Noosa National … Read more