It’s that weight loss time again

As a result of my recent travels to Melbourne and Bali (which yes, I’m still slowly blogging about), I have grown a food baby.

I could say a big ass and thighs, but they were already there.

So it’s time to do something about that, since it’s winter and with time on my side I could have a banging body come summer. I’ve also made a challenge with a friend that I will wear a bikini in a month for a girls weekend, so some of this belly and bum will have to go. And that bum is not Kim Kardashian like where it’s huge but it still somehow manages to be super hot. This bum is big, floppy and as white as can be (it does not ever see the daylight, also unlike Kim Kardashian’s bum, but I won’t go there). [...]  read more